Was Blake Pro-Basement?

Trees Are Good and People Like Trees are the maxims of my associations and societies, rightly promoted through T-shirts, caps and cups, and swallowed largely uncritically. But one incident this summer gave pause for thought: I chanced upon a group of youths in Notting Hill laying into a 50-year old … Read more »

We’re gonna need a bigger pump!

Landmark Trees just helped clients successfully discharge conditions on a difficult planning consent for a large basement extension in St John’s Wood. Trees and development are never a simple pairing where space is at a premium, and this proposal was more than complicated by the possibility of the River Tyburn … Read more »

Do trees feel pain?

Is pile driving the arboreal equivalent of a trip to the dentist – a little root canal treatment, maybe, with that slow-bore drill they use to grind your inner tooth’s still tender pulp? And just as my toes curl at the very thought, is it also true Acacia trees can … Read more »